Çağrı Merkezi

çağrı merkezi

Sumatic - Temiz Su İçin / for clean water...


In the SUMATİC machine we designed, reverse osmosis is used in the AQUABİR brand world's advanced water treatment technologies.

Water treatment systems are designed to produce water in drinking water quality by purifying the physical chemical and microbiological impurities that may be in your water.

Water treatment systems only produce quality water for drinking, cooking and all your needs.

With the water treatment inside the SUMATIC machine, we offer you to use the water which is the most important element of healthy life with confidence.

This product is produced without damaging the environment in modern facilities that respect the environment.

Our product which has been meticulously tested in modern facilities. all legal documents are available

Water treatment system designed to operate with a minimum of 3 bar water pressure

The treated water does not require any chemicals and provides high quality water production

Special production and water capacity can be made in desired sizes

The taste and quality of purified water in the SUMATIC system is high.

For maintenance and repair, the original parts provided by the authorized service must be used in accordance with the instructions specified in the manual.


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